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Beyond What You Expected – Rethinking the Stage

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21+ only – Enter the dark world of an adaption of Lewis Caroll’s well-known piece of Alice and Wonderland – “Then She Fell.” Admitting only 15 people per performance through a guided tour of the enchanted Wonderland, we are welcomed by a nurse with a clipboard (as if we will become patients of this asylum ourselves) of a former outpatient building of the Greenpoint Hospital in Brooklyn. The great thing about interactive plays is – no visit is ever performed the same way twice. Your imagination has no limits. It is quite exhilarating to watch a story unfold before your eyes at a moment in time that both audience member and character exist in together.

The stage is set as you enter the building one-by-one and given very specific directions. The eery music and atmosphere of the … Read More »

Taste exploration: Gastronomic Day in Trujillo, Spain

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Savoring over 200 kinds of cheese. Uncorking countless bottles of wine. It was worth the 4-hour bus ride from Madrid. Spain is known for it’s fiestas and festivals – we couldn’t leave without experiencing at least one! National Spanish Cheese Festival – right down my alley, didn’t have to ask me twice! Trujillo is a very small, cozy town. If you’re looking for a little getaway, a breather from the big city, Trujillo is your place.

Spaniards are pretty serious about their cheese competition. This 5-day festival held in Plaza Mayor (Main Square) was hosted from May 1st-May 5th. Prizes for the best annual cheese winner is given to the stalls at the end of the festival. Of course on the hottest day of our trip, we did not put sunblock! The blazing … Read More »

Why I Will Not Choose Qantas Again

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Hi Everyone,

I got back from New Zealand earlier in the week, and boy, the getting back was not pleasant at all, thanks to Qantas. I’m not one who likes to rant about things online, but this one made our blood boil and I think it deserves a post right here.

We bought our tickets for an April 2013 trip in December 2012, and we were to fly from Singapore to Queenstown and back again. Because Qantas doesn’t have any direct flights to Queenstown, we had to transit in Sydney on the way there, and on the way back, it would be Queenstown – Auckland – Melbourne – Singapore. Bit of a chore there with the multiple transits, but at that time we had faith that Qantas would deal with it well.

The hoo-ha started in February this year. Qantas … Read More »

October Q&A, Part I: Hitting the Slopes

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This fortnight, Bobo answers a question about the best option for a snowboarding trip.

Hi Unpackers!

I wanted to plan a snowboarding trip with my boyfriend.  We’re trying to decide on the destination and have two places in mind.  Is it better to plan a snowboarding trip to Japan or USA?

Anonymous, Singapore

Dear Anonymous!

Both Japan and United States have world renounced ski resorts and amazing fresh powder.  Personally, the better option is the option closer to home, somewhere you can visit frequently to sharpen those skills sets to make you invincible in all types of mountains.

Japan has amazing mountain ranges with beautiful winter wonderland scenery.  The best known destination would be Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island.  It’s geographic location benefits from the Siberian storm that brings dry, packed powder to the mountains.  Totally epic conditions for snowboarding!

Snow-capped mountains cover about half of the country in America in … Read More »

Protecting Your Skin When Travelling

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We love the sun. We love the snow. The sea, deserts, cities, jungles, mountains. As travellers, we put ourselves and our skin through a weather shock each time we get to a new destination.

If I only had to bring ONE skincare product on a trip, it would be a moisturiser, although sunblock would be a close second.

Here’s the moisturiser I’m taking on my upcoming fall vacation to the USA.

For Beloved One is a skincare brand from Taiwan which is available in Sephora Singapore (and hopefully soon in more Sephora stores around the world)

Was impressed by their Moisture Surge Extreme Hydration moisturiser (S$90 / 30mls) , which has a gel-cream texture and light fragrance.

I can’t emphasise this enough, the best way to prevent wrinkles and fine lines is to keep your skin hydrated. This moisturiser is packed with Minerals (to stimulate cell repair … Read More »

Tsukiji Market – Fishy Business in the Morning

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3am – The alarm clocks goes off, and it’s still dark outside in our claustrophobic room in Shinjiku, Tokyo.  We’re on a mission this morning to the Tsukiji Market.  We packed our cameras, put on some wet boots, grabbed our train passes and was determined to catch the fish auctioning before 5am  The market is known to be the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood spot.  It attracts so many tourist on a yearly bases – it’s a must-visit spot when you’re in Tokyo.  The outer market has a mixture of sushi spots, souvenir shops, grocery stores, and retails shops that sell restaurant supplies.  After roaming around, we made sure to restaurant hop before the sushi stalls got overly crowded.

The sushi is unbelievable – each bite melts in your mouth.  If you try the sushi here, nothing else is comparable.  The … Read More »

Travel Primping 101: Freshen Up Fellow Fatigue Travelers

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Cramped in the plane for hours can really make you feel not all that glam.  You can use a little freshening up before the seat belt sign goes off.  These quick 5 steps will help you look good as new when you get off the plane. Easy to pack in your carry-on!

1. Lulu Organics NYC – Quick solution for greasy, limpy hair:

Organic powder is the way-to-go.  This is a must have that a lot of models pack in the their necessities bag.  This helps absorb the oil so your hair looks like you just washed it, while creating a nice silky texture.  This is great when you miss showers en route or have bedhead from sleeping against the window for hours.  Score!

2. Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes – Quick cleanse with a refreshing scent:

Removes dirt and makeup without having to … Read More »

“Tunnel Of Love” – Secret Passageway

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Also known as the Green Mile Tunnel – This looks like a  scene straight from a fantasy world.  The luscious, leafy green garden creates a tunnel around a private railway that brings wood to a local factory.  Located in Kleven, Ukraine – this is truly a peaceful sanctuary.  The tunnel is a symbolic hot spot for lovers to make a wish, and if they’re sincere the wish would come true.   During spring, couples will stroll hand-in-hand in this lovely tunnel.  Great spot to pop the question! This amazing passageway have private trains running 3 times a day over several years.  It’s as if nature is one with the manmade infrastructure. The surreal tunnel is absolutely breathtaking!


Photo credits: Oleg Gordienko / Amos Chapple / Rex Features

In Search Of Cheongsam: Exquisite Inspirations

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The traditional Chinese dress, the Qipao, also known as Cheongsam, has evolved through the years since the 1920s, and has been worn by Chinese women around the world. It’s symbolism might have changed – from a symbol of modernity in the 20’s in China, the showcase of the Chinese roots for overseas Chinese women in the 30’s and 40’s, to an everyday trendy working dress for the Singapore women in the 50’s and 60’s, to it’s present day versatility of a formal dress as well as a subject of reinterpretation by designers.



We visited the exhibition, In The Mood For Cheongsam (which ran from 28 Mar 2012 – 27 June 2012) at the National Museum of Singapore to view the collection of beautiful pieces. Here are some highlights.



In the 1930s, the burn-out effect of using chemicals to create a floral pattern … Read More »


-Act of leaving behind life’s burden, roles, expectations, responsibilities.

-Welcoming new knowledge, developing new relationships, people, new directions.

-Removal + releasing clutter, the unnecessary, negatives.

-Stripping set rules, perceptions, prenotions, assumptions, standards, and old habits.

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