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Cupcakes in Queenstown

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When I was in Queenstown last month, I knew I had to search out possibly the only cupcake shop in town, Cup & Cake. Just because. C’mon, it’s cupcakes! So, we headed down to “Cupcake Lane” as listed on the address of Cup & Cake, and obviously there was no such registered lane.

Undaunted, we walked in circles along Church Street and Searle Lane, finally turning down a little lane next to Devil’s Burger, and found the prettiest cupcake store!


Each cupcake goes at NZ$4, and we chose Lemon Meringue to eat on the spot, as well as a box of three other flavours to go. The cupcakes did not disappoint! The Lemon Meringue was soft, with a lemon center and lovely buttercream on top.

The others, which I had later in the night (tsk tsk!), were just as yummy, and my favourite … Read More »

How Exactly Good is The Melting Pot Warung?

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The Melting Wok Warung in Ubud, Bali, is not a typical street cafe that you would find in Bali. Above and overlooking the street, a small but elegantly furnished cafe with lounge music playing was a warm escape from the continuous tropical rain.

The menu, written on large chalk board, offered 4 types of main dishes. Curry rice, curry noodles, fried rice and friend noodles. Each of these could be made with chicken or beef. The vegetarians would be thankful for a tofu or tempe (fermented soy beans) version of each. There was also a daily special available.

True to it’s name, the food was like a melting wok of cultures. My fried rice wasn’t done in the typical indonesian style, instead, it was chockfull of tofu , corn, beans, all fried in a sweet sesame sauce.

The dessert was … Read More »

The Best Pizza in NYC

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I may not be a food connoisseur, but I think I’ve eaten enough pizza in Italy to know what real good pizza should taste like. And I found it across the atlantic, in New York City, land of take out pizzas.

Pizza Suprema, smack in the middle of New York City, next to the General Post Office, was a Godsend on this drizzly autumn evening. Large, crisp pizzas lined the shelves of this family-owned eatery, started by Italians, of course!
The toppings are generous, and they heat up every slice just as you order it. No cold or soggy pizzas that have been sitting around!
I had the mushroom pizza, and at $3.50 I thought it was a steal! (it was the last 2 days of my trip and yes, I was running out of cash). Topped with nothing but pure tomato … Read More »

Foodie Corner:

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Featuring: Noodles of  Asia

There’s so many different recipes and varieties for noodles in Asia, but some really hits the spot.  Been to over 30 countries, yet I feel Asia still has some of the best noodle dishes.

Name: Taiwanese Mee Sua
What’s in it? Chicken meat, Parsley, Garlic, Noodles, Black pepper
Where can you find it? Location: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Name: Khao Sawy
What’s in it? Chicken, Pork, Scallion, Onions, Fried shrimp sticks, Egg noodles, Coriander Leaf,
Shallots, Lime
Where can you find it? Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand


Name: Dakjjim
What’s in it? Chicken, Mung noodles, Scallion, Carrots, Peppers, Wolfberry, Onions, Black ground pepper, Dried red chilli pepper, Garlic, Mushroom, Potato
Where can you find it? Location: Seoul, Korea


Name: Miso Ramen
What’s in it? Bamboo shots, Seaweed, Minced pork, Braised pork, Scallion, Ramen, Egg, Miso
Where can you find it? Location: Tokyo, Japan

Name: Seafood pad thai
What’s in it? Pad thai noodles, shrimp, … Read More »

Most Worthwhile $2 in Siem Reap

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What can you get with $2? A cup of Starbucks coffee? Not even.  A train ride out to town one way? Sounds about right.  Definitely a full meal off of McDonalds heart attack $1 menu.  Those two dollars doesn’t seem like it’ll go a long way, but merely just spare change nestled in your pockets for a rainy day.  

After a 4.5 hours bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, we needed a little unwinding time of just doing absolutely nothing.  The air savored of beef and basil, and even with the language barrier we had no problem ordering our satisfying bowl of beef noodles.  All this goodness only cost us fifty cents!  

The unpaved roads, miles of ancient ruins, rows of breathtaking scrolls and paintings gave Siem Reap an untouched characteristic.  Rows of chairs were setup both … Read More »


-Act of leaving behind life’s burden, roles, expectations, responsibilities.

-Welcoming new knowledge, developing new relationships, people, new directions.

-Removal + releasing clutter, the unnecessary, negatives.

-Stripping set rules, perceptions, prenotions, assumptions, standards, and old habits.

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