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Destination: BALI , #1

Posted on July 10th, by joanna in Uncover. 1 Comment

Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Bali. And I mean, seriously, LURVE BALI!

So if you’re ever planning for a destination wedding, or honeymoon in South East Asia, heck, Asia, I’m the first one to scream “GO TO BALI!!!”

Why? I can give you more than a hundred good reasons.. but these you should hear:
– BEAUTIFUL beaches set the backdrop for a tropical beach wedding
– Fantastic 5* villas at reasonable prices
– You can book the entire property and all the villas in it to hosts all your guests
– World-class food at a snap of your fingers
– Spa, Massage, you ask for it, you get it. And you can get it cheap, or uber luxurious.
– Wedding planners, hairstylists, photographers, makeup artists, florists, catering, all accessable
– Direct flights to Bali from most Austra-Asian cities , and if you’re coming from anywhere else, … Read More »

A Small Dose of Guilty Pleasure: Resort Town Puerto Vallarta

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I was bestowed with an all-inclusive vacation from the loving boyfriend to Puerto Vallarta in April. This experience is as drastic as the fairly tale in The Princess Diaries. Previously a mud-covered gypsy who spends one dollar on her meal, I was transported to endless champagne floats, delicate food buffets and people waiting to serve me 24/ 7. While this is a little out of character for me, no girl in this world does not like a little pampering and loving from time to time.

The resorts of Puerto Vallarta are a 20 minute drive from the airport call Neuvo Vallarta in Mexico. Its name, New Vallarta, indicates this area come into existence for its sole purpose to serve the resort community in the 90s. The entire beachfront is lined up with resorts modeled after different famous architecture around the world.

The … Read More »


-Act of leaving behind life’s burden, roles, expectations, responsibilities.

-Welcoming new knowledge, developing new relationships, people, new directions.

-Removal + releasing clutter, the unnecessary, negatives.

-Stripping set rules, perceptions, prenotions, assumptions, standards, and old habits.

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