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October Q&A, Part I: Hitting the Slopes

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This fortnight, Bobo answers a question about the best option for a snowboarding trip.

Hi Unpackers!

I wanted to plan a snowboarding trip with my boyfriend.  We’re trying to decide on the destination and have two places in mind.  Is it better to plan a snowboarding trip to Japan or USA?

Anonymous, Singapore

Dear Anonymous!

Both Japan and United States have world renounced ski resorts and amazing fresh powder.  Personally, the better option is the option closer to home, somewhere you can visit frequently to sharpen those skills sets to make you invincible in all types of mountains.

Japan has amazing mountain ranges with beautiful winter wonderland scenery.  The best known destination would be Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island.  It’s geographic location benefits from the Siberian storm that brings dry, packed powder to the mountains.  Totally epic conditions for snowboarding!

Snow-capped mountains cover about half of the country in America in … Read More »

Tsukiji Market – Fishy Business in the Morning

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3am – The alarm clocks goes off, and it’s still dark outside in our claustrophobic room in Shinjiku, Tokyo.  We’re on a mission this morning to the Tsukiji Market.  We packed our cameras, put on some wet boots, grabbed our train passes and was determined to catch the fish auctioning before 5am  The market is known to be the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood spot.  It attracts so many tourist on a yearly bases – it’s a must-visit spot when you’re in Tokyo.  The outer market has a mixture of sushi spots, souvenir shops, grocery stores, and retails shops that sell restaurant supplies.  After roaming around, we made sure to restaurant hop before the sushi stalls got overly crowded.

The sushi is unbelievable – each bite melts in your mouth.  If you try the sushi here, nothing else is comparable.  The … Read More »


-Act of leaving behind life’s burden, roles, expectations, responsibilities.

-Welcoming new knowledge, developing new relationships, people, new directions.

-Removal + releasing clutter, the unnecessary, negatives.

-Stripping set rules, perceptions, prenotions, assumptions, standards, and old habits.

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