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Visiting Onsen Hot Pools In Queenstown

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Photo: Onsen Hot Pools

I first heard about the Onsen Hot Pools from a bridal client of mine who was from New Zealand. As we were discussing my upcoming trip at that time, she started raving about the Onsen Hot Pools and insisted i HAD TO check it out. She even called over her dad to confirm the name of the place. Well, it’s name is straight up – Onsen Hot Pools.

I left the booking of our pool session right to the very last minute, on the morning that I wanted to go to the pool, I made a booking via our hostel’s reception. It’s easy in Queenstown, most hotels, motels or even hostels will help you make bookings where you pay once you book it. We managed to get a slot in the late afternoon, just before the popular sunset … Read More »

Cupcakes in Queenstown

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When I was in Queenstown last month, I knew I had to search out possibly the only cupcake shop in town, Cup & Cake. Just because. C’mon, it’s cupcakes! So, we headed down to “Cupcake Lane” as listed on the address of Cup & Cake, and obviously there was no such registered lane.

Undaunted, we walked in circles along Church Street and Searle Lane, finally turning down a little lane next to Devil’s Burger, and found the prettiest cupcake store!


Each cupcake goes at NZ$4, and we chose Lemon Meringue to eat on the spot, as well as a box of three other flavours to go. The cupcakes did not disappoint! The Lemon Meringue was soft, with a lemon center and lovely buttercream on top.

The others, which I had later in the night (tsk tsk!), were just as yummy, and my favourite … Read More »

Pushing the Extra Mile – Biking in Queenstown, NZ

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Hello from New Zealand!! Today I found some balls (more like got dragged kicking and screaming) up to the peak of the Queenstown Bike Park to try their trail. Somehow I didn’t know it was a downhill mountain biking trail!! My poor little Scott Spark 30 XC bike was rattling down the slopes, slipping around the berms, and getting flung across the rollers.

I am a beginner to mountain biking, and never done a downhill track! I stuck to Hammy’s Track, the easiest, grade 2 Green track. It takes about 40 minutes at my speed (brakes on!) to get from the skyline peak to the bottom. We took the gondola, and a morning half day pass from 10am-2pm was enough.

There is a lovely cafe at the peak too, not overpriced (pot of tea for $3.50) and has amazing views over Queenstown.
The … Read More »

Lost World – Thrilling Underground Playground

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Calling for thrill seekers that thrives for an adrenaline rushing adventure – Blackwater rafting, cave abseiling, rock climbing, swimming with magnificent glowworms, and climbing cathedral sized vaults.  Hitting the spot yet?  The most amazing 7-hour epic tour you can go on – Waitomo Caves tucked in the village and cave systems of Northern New Zealand.   There’s more mellow versions for kids and family if you have a weak heart and this is too crazy.

The 7 hours tour is the way to go!  The time would past by so fast you won’t even notice.  The cave looks quite intimidating as you’re prepping your gear to abseil 100m into the surreal lost world.  The beauty of this cave is unsurpassed and beyond words.  Just the descent will take 30 minutes.  Sniff a fresh breath of air and enjoy the view as it starts … Read More »


-Act of leaving behind life’s burden, roles, expectations, responsibilities.

-Welcoming new knowledge, developing new relationships, people, new directions.

-Removal + releasing clutter, the unnecessary, negatives.

-Stripping set rules, perceptions, prenotions, assumptions, standards, and old habits.

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